Related to nature and to their old traditions, Native Americans are still fascinating to us Europeans.  When they were re-discovered, European life changed totally, when potatoes, corn, beans, tobago but also the popcorn ( Iroqouis) and even new ways of democracy were introduced (Iroquois). The reasons for the Wild-West and Native American interrest changed ofer the years and decades as the life of the Native Americans. The Redstar-Tradingpost tries to give a small overview of these foreign and fascinating world.

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Beside crafting supplies, Native American music-cds and books, I specialized on trade with original Native American art, replicas and powwow outfits. Many of the offered Outfits and replicas are made by myself- I do powwow dance since the beginning 1990s and I also travel to historic camps in whole Europe- very often with my trade tent.



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